April 2015

Anna Petrasova

Geospatial modeling with
tangible interaction

Topography as a driving force

Topography controls water flow, sediment transport, inundation, landslides, and determines solar irradiation

Terrain modification

GUI     vs.     TUI

Tangible Landscape

physical terrain model
scanner (Kinect)

Lake Raleigh dam break

Lake Raleigh dam break

Source: NCSU Libraries
Simulation using module r.damflood implemented in GRASS GIS solving shallow water equations.
Cannata, M., & Marzocchi, R. (2012). Two-dimensional dam break flooding simulation: A GIS-embedded approach. Natural Hazards, 61(3), 1143–1159.

Tangible exploration of subsurface data

Soil moisture data provided by Dr. Jeffrey White


  • intuitive 3D sketching for design and planning
  • collaborative, interdisciplinary and creative environment for decision making
  • GIS education, explaining spatial concepts
  • testing of algorithms for modeling land surface processes